Sunday, March 23, 2014

Otome days

♥♥ Hi dear readers! ♥

These last days, I rather wear lolita fashion or otome than vintage style, so this post will be again about my lolita outfits. I met twice my friend Messalyn.

Last weekend, we were very lucky as the weather was perfect for taking photos outside, blue sky and a great light thanks to a happy  shining sun. I wished I hadn't take my coat! It's was too hot!

♥♥ Photos ♥♥

My 70s vintage coat. Very useless on this lovely day!

My friend, Messalyn.

My outfit for this day.

Messalyn and I

Again, hooray! Love these photos together.

♥♥ My outfit ♥♥

Dress: Emily Temple Cut
Blouse and shoes: American Apparel
Beret: Heart E
Tights: Ellen

Yesterday, we met again, but this time, we were very unlucky. It was raining a lot all day. We were wet, the sky was grey and gloomy. We took a tea and ate cupcake. We tasted a flower and fruit juice, melon and jasmin, it was so good. I  just have a few photos... I took more of my outfit at home, but not very good ones.

♥♥ Photos ♥♥

Wearing my favorite Jane Marple dress and cardigan!

Tea, please! Tea saved my day everydays!

Messalyn in moi même moitié

Jane Marple ♥♥

Cupcakes and flowers juices ♥♥

My friend Messalyn. We were so wet... 

♥♥ My outfit ♥♥

Dress and bag: Jane Marple
Cardigan: vintage Alain Manoukian
Blouse: vintage
Beret: Hert E with H&M flowers and mary magdalene ribbon
Tights: Ellen

♥♥ Thanks for looking ♥♥

Nella Fragola